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Sicily - extra virgin Agliastro, from fruit to juice.. back at home

From the fruit to the juice: extra virgin olive oil “Agliastro” from Tenuta la Favola begins this way. Spend the morning in the olive grove with our team using baskets and combs to pick the olives and then run to the oil mill to help with the milling and pressing of the oil: a small effort for a fantastic reward! Then take a break at the old stone wash basin and try some fresh milled oil with a wine pairing. By reservation during the milling season (late September).).

    • Olive harvest and pressing
    • Tasting of just milled oil and wine
    • Duration: about 3 hours
    • Price: € 30 per person MINIMUM 6 people
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Night tasting at the old stone wash basin inside the olive grove; a tour of the vineyards with their typical white reflections of the moonlight for groups of 6 people minimum.  Overnight stay by reservation for those who would like to stay and enjoy breakfast in front of a breathtaking panorama. By appointment only: in May and July only.

    • Visit to the farm and vineyards
    • Description of Estate Philosophy
    • Tasting of 4 wines and olive oil
    • A taste of farm products
    • Duration of visit: 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Price: € 50 per person - MINIMUM 6 people
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Special Events @ Oltrepò

On the hills of Oltrepo’ Pavese, history and legend are mixed in the old house of the Stefanago Castle (sec. XI-XIV). In such a particular place, courtyards, gardens, rooms, terraces, and spaces in between, big or small, all adapt to any kind of layout, according to the needs of each single even.

Apulia - Canning Course

In our farm we grow tomatoes, olives and artichokes. They are harvested at the peak of ripening and immediately canned without any other processing.

      • Course on growing and canning produce
      • Technical Description of organic farming
      • A taste of local production with our wines
      • Duration: 2 hours and a half
      • Price: € 19 per person MINIMUM 6 people
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Oltrepò: Stop at Stuvenagh Brewery

At the foot of the Stefanago Castle in one of the barns of the farm, the artisanal brewery Stuvenagh  offers ready to eat plates with high quality organic ingredients accompanied by artisanal beers and our wines..

      • You can also book a visit to the castle that includes lunch at the brewery..
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Love FAVOLA Cooking school in Sicily

A cheerful morning in the garden and among the walls to collect spices and aromatic herbs and then cooking all together in our kitchen in the vineyard. Lunch prepared by the group, with a tasting of 2 wines. Day available: Wednesday.

    • Tilling and Cooking class
    • Tasting of 2 wines  and lunch
    • Duration: About 5 hours
    • Price: € 90 per person - MINIMUM 4 MAXIMUM 10 people by reservation
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