Apulia - Earth Breath Tour

The tour includes a visit to the Masseria (Farm) exploring the different  the different stages of working the grapes and other agricultural products and to the vineyards.You will taste locally produced wines and sampling of the riches of the garden including Coratina olive oil, the variety with the highest number of polyphenols. A true full immersion into the rhythm of the Di Tucci family and their philosophy. 

    • Visit to the estate and vineyards
    • Technical Description of organic farming
    • Tasting 3 / 5 wine and oil  
    • A taste of the vegetables from the local garden
    • Price: € 10 / 14 per person according to the number of wines tasted
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Apulia - Canning Course

In our farm we grow tomatoes, olives and artichokes. They are harvested at the peak of ripening and immediately canned without any other processing.

      • Course on growing and canning produce
      • Technical Description of organic farming
      • A taste of local production with our wines
      • Duration: 2 hours and a half
      • Price: € 19 per person MINIMUM 6 people
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Together as a consortium since 2004 to promote organic production philosophy and lifestyle in a coordinated way.

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