Special Events @ Oltrepò

On the hills of Oltrepo’ Pavese, history and legend are mixed in the old house of the Stefanago Castle (sec. XI-XIV). In such a particular place, courtyards, gardens, rooms, terraces, and spaces in between, big or small, all adapt to any kind of layout, according to the needs of each single even.

Oltrepò: Stop at Stuvenagh Brewery

At the foot of the Stefanago Castle in one of the barns of the farm, the artisanal brewery Stuvenagh  offers ready to eat plates with high quality organic ingredients accompanied by artisanal beers and our wines..

      • You can also book a visit to the castle that includes lunch at the brewery..
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Oltrepò: Tour of the Castle - Warm Season

When the weather is pleasant, from March to October, there is even more to enjoy: the cellar transforms into a place for cheese and charcuterie tastings, vegetables, desserts as well as getting to know and understand the wines of this territory which are its most significant expression.

    • Visit of the Castle cellars
    • Techniques of the organic philosophy
    • Tasting of wines and local bio products
    • Price: € 18
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Oltrepò: Eco Tour & Cru Wines

Dedicated to true maniacs of Organic Culture  and high quality: a tour that makes you appreciate the whole Stefanago farm, the true life around the castle, with its fields, orchards, and organic crops that are aworthy companion of the great Cru Pinot Noir and the Classic Method Ancestrale. The tour includes stops at various agricultural activities of the farm, including the vineyards, with an explanation of the techniques of organic agricolture; after that you visit the cellars of the Castle and enjoy a guided tasting of the most valuable wines and their personalities that come truly from the terroir you just visited..

      • Visit the farm, wineyards and cellars
      • Tecniques of the Bio Phylosophy
      • Tasting of at theast 3 cru wines
      • Tasting of matching local organic produce
      • Price: € 25 per person
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Oltrepò: Tour of the Castle

The Stefanago Castle (sec. XI - XIV), not only a pleasant and suggestive place, is the headquarters of the organic viticulture farm with the same name; The tour includes: a visit to the old cellars, with an accurate description of the different characteristics of each wine and of winemaking and aging processes, tasting of the prestigious wines of the winery.


    • Visit to the Castle Cellar
    • Techniques of organic farming and wine making
    • Wine tasting
    • Price: € 10
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