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22 December 2017

Christmas at Farina's, our Personal Foodie. A touch of melancholy that at Christmas does not hurt and two great recipes from Sicilian tradition

Years go by, but family traditions remain! Luckily, I would say, although my family is - ahime! - reduced to three, or rather four with the newly arrived puppy. And it goes well, the Christmases at the time of the grandparents are a dear distant memory, as far away is the festive voice of us children whose echo remains to me.

08 October 2017

NO WASTE CULTURE - from a healthy principle of parsimony to a need for well-being and survival of the planet.

The famous "half-pear" of President Luigi Einaudi

It is memorable the essay by Ennio Flaiano, a renowned journalist of the time, who reports an episode lived in person at a Quirinal meeting: Einaudi at one point asked Flaiano if he wanted half of his pear he would not eat. Flaian accepted the half pear, so that it would not be wasted, and found a symbol of time in that gesture: with the end of Einaudi's presidency, the "season of unshared pears" would begin for Italy.

04 September 2017

GREEN LIVING – L’EROICA IN GAIOLE (CHIANTI) The world's most famous cyclotourism event

Getting closer to the 1st of October we cannot miss paying tribute to L'Eroica, the cycling event held since 1997 in the province of Siena that recalls the cycling of the past: the trails run largely on white roads with the 'must' of be equipped with vintage bicycles.
The charm of L'Eroica comes from the original Idea of ​​Gianfranco Brocci, founder and creator.

14 August 2017

Green Living: What to visit and do near San Gimignano

The archeological park of Poggibonsi about 20 minutes drive from San Gimignano

The Park is characterized by several historical attractions all accessible previous reservation:

01 July 2017

GREEN DINING: Tunnina a cipuddata with capers and oregano according to Sarina's recipe

Sarina's mom of our "Personal Foodie" Giusi Farina (for those who would like to contact her for professional advice: Giusi Farina This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The months of May and June are those where you eat "a tunnina" (tuna fish).

01 July 2017

GREEN LIVING : travelling with an electric car is no more an isuue. There is TESLA

A SUPERCHARGER service center is open also at Cerignola near Ancient Enotria Biological Estate
All in all we should have found out before Tesla car solved all his mobility problems.

29 May 2017

GREEN LIVING: Neive and Città del BIO Association?

A new model of economic growth focused on the valorisation of local products and the spread of organic agriculture - interview with Davide Turchetto, Director of Città del Bio Association,

30 April 2017

DISCOVER PIEDMONT VILLAGES: Agliano Terme compared to Acqui Terme in culture and enogastronomy

Agliano Terme, a small town in the province of Asti, is culture, spa, wine... we introduce it with a parallel to Acqui Terme, in the province of Alessandria, another resort known for its spas

05 January 2017

GREEN LIVING: RECIPES FROM OCCITANIA - an historic contributor of Piedmontese cuisine

What was the Occitania

Occitania was a large historic area, the center of the European continent, but divided in three states: Italy (Piedmont Occitane valleys, Valle Stura, Grana, Maira and Varaita), France (southern regions) and Spain (part of the Pyrenees); a country that has never had political unity.

08 December 2016


What does it mean , what are the main characteristics of the sparkling wine produced with that method. 

(the so called Ancestral method is a method of vinification which consists of a slight pressing of the grapes to extract the natural yeasts present on the grapes, followed by fermentation in steel at low temperature. )



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