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Sunday, 08 October 2017 13:45

NO WASTE CULTURE - from a healthy principle of parsimony to a need for well-being and survival of the planet.

The famous "half-pear" of President Luigi Einaudi

It is memorable the essay by Ennio Flaiano, a renowned journalist of the time, who reports an episode lived in person at a Quirinal meeting: Einaudi at one point asked Flaiano if he wanted half of his pear he would not eat. Flaian accepted the half pear, so that it would not be wasted, and found a symbol of time in that gesture: with the end of Einaudi's presidency, the "season of unshared pears" would begin for Italy.

A long time has passed since that episode, but it indicates how a healthy culture of avoiding waste is useful to us, we could call it Charity, and it is also consistent with those more modern principles that we call sustainability today.

Today the culture of non-waste has become somewhat necessary to "fashion"; there are also authoritative sites that inspire this concept as that addresses the topic from the different points of view of sweet mobility, food, and savings in the strict sense.

We also suggest the website of the well-known chef Massimo Bottura who has created an Onlus that deals with opening Refractors around the world for the poor using cleverly reused food items.

Speaking of traditional regional cuisine, we can point out that most of the typical dishes, which are now subject to great revaluation, originate from the culture of non-waste; we mention some quite famous but not all of them: La Ribollita in Tuscany, the Finanziera in Piedmont, the mesura in Liguria. This type of kitchen philosophy today inspires many chefs inspired by these ancient recipes to re-style them in a more modern way, also using high quality organic ingredients.


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