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Friday, 22 December 2017 05:07

Christmas at Farina's, our Personal Foodie. A touch of melancholy that at Christmas does not hurt and two great recipes from Sicilian tradition

Years go by, but family traditions remain! Luckily, I would say, although my family is - ahime! - reduced to three, or rather four with the newly arrived puppy. And it goes well, the Christmases at the time of the grandparents are a dear distant memory, as far away is the festive voice of us children whose echo remains to me.

Grandmother Corrada, my mother and aunts began to cook the great purple broccoli, leeks, fresh broad beans, wild chard, spinach and cod in the early morning of the 24th. The desserts were already prepared in the previous days: almond paste, mustaccioli, faccioni, gigiolena, nougat and black grape mostata. A riot of perfumes invaded the grandmother's house and we mischievous had fun a world to "steal" the biscuits to make us chase after her who pretended to be angry.

In the early afternoon, the women of the house began to knead huge quantities of flour to proceed with the preparation of the scacce and the broccoli and salt cod pastries. Yes, yes! Christmas Eve was and still is today - although the strangest culinary trends are advancing, trying to steal the ancient traditions of our ancestors - "sirata 'king scacci" or savory pies stuffed with vegetables, ricotta or fish. An incredible amount of "scacce" of all tastes, pastas, artichokes and other vegetables filled the table on the eve. You ask: And Christmas lunch?

It simply did not exist. After a dinner so plentiful and a night spent in endless bingo, accompanied by munching biscuits and dried fruit, the next day we did not eat and if you really had appetite, you would warm up what was left of the eve dinner. There were no gifts to be discarded under the tree and the party was a feast of harmony and heart.

I know, I let myself be carried away by memories ... let's call nostalgia and go to recipes! Yes, you got it right! At Christmas we are all better and so I offer two recipes!

1. scaccia di broccoli

Given that the mixture of "scacce" is unique for all, here is the preparation of the "scaccia di broccoli" undisputed queen of the table on Christmas Eve at my house for several generations. I write the dose for one kg of flour, enough for about 4/5 scacce. If you are many, just multiply the dose.



• 1 kg of durum wheat flour
• 300 ml of water
• ½ cube of brewer's yeast or 60 gr of mother yeast
• oil evo q.b.
• salt


• 1 kg broccoli boiled al dente and cuts
• 1 clove of garlic
• hot pepper or black pepper q.b.
• grated pecorino cheese
• oil evo q.b.


Spread the flour on a sponge and pour the slightly salted water into the recess, the oil and the yeast. Knead until the ingredients are absorbed and until you have obtained a smooth and elastic dough. Divide the dough into loaves of elongated shape (called "pupa"), tracing with the knife a line along the center. Cover with warm cloths and let rise for 4 hours or more in a warm place. When the dough is leavened, take a dough and divide it in half. Work with a rolling pin forming a round, thin disk.

Separately, in a bowl, chop the broccoli coarsely and place them on half of the disc. Season with a clove of garlic in small pieces, pepper, plenty of cheese, a pinch of salt and a drizzle of oil. Close with the other part of the disc, forming a crescent and roll the edges. With the rembi of a fork, prick the scaccia here and there, brush with oil and bake at 200 g for 25/30 min. static oven. Before turning out the focaccia, check that the top is golden and the bottom is well cooked.
You can apply the same procedure by varying the fillings. For us, in addition to the simple broccoli, they can not miss:

• Broccoli and sausage pulp (raw)
• Ricotta, spring onion and peas (stuffing all in raw)
• Chard and tomato
• Spinach and anchovies
• Leeks and cod
• Potatoes, onions and tomato

N.B. in all the fillings, except in that of ricotta and potatoes, are added: garlic, oil and grated cheese.

2. Broccoli pastries

pastetta broccoliIngredients

  • 500 gr of semolina flour
  • 300 ml of slightly salted warm water
  • 30 gr of brewer's yeast or mother yeast
  • 400 gr of broccoli boiled al dente
  • Salt to taste.

In a large deep container place the flour and add the water in which you have dissolved the yeast. Work with your hands, creating a rather soft, non-liquid paste. Cover to let rise until the dough has tripled and will have started to make bubbles.

At this point the batter is ready. Add the boiled broccoli and cut roughly. Mix well so that the vegetables are amalgamated to the mixture.

In a non-stick pan, put plenty of olive oil and with a spoon formed of large quenelle. Immerse in hot oil and fry on both sides until golden brown. Use absorbent paper to remove excess oil. Serve hot.

N.B. In place of the broccoli, you can use the cod or the neonato, in any case they will disappear in a moment ... .one pulls the other!
Enjoy your meal and Merry Christmas to everyone from your personal foody Giusi.


For the abundant Christmas Eve dinner I chose an important wine as the occasion requires. Everything will have another flavor accompanied by a good glass de
La Favolosa doc Eloro Pachino (login to our wineclub and order

18 months of French oak barrels and subsequent aging for about 10 months in bottle
make this wine a refined and soft nectar, with hints of vanilla and chocolate that you can enjoy throughout the meal.


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