Il Castello di Stefanago - Lombardy

A thousand-year-old castle...

...surrounded by fields, woods and vineyards.

A Castle from year 1000

The origin of the castle is unknown, however the location is documented as a place that was in existence before Christ (for example in the history of the Diocese of Tortona). The tower, the oldest part of the existing building, was originally a watch tower to defend the area around the year 1000 and its history, until the end of the feudal period, is linked with the Feudo di Fortunago. Also the origins of the name Stefanago are uncertain, it could come from Stefano, a Greek word, but more probably it comes from Celtic origins, like the names of many towns in the area with the same suffix: Fortunago, Gravenago, Primorago, Polinago, Inverigo.

From its beginnings until today, Stefanago has always been lived in, it has never been abandoned like so many of the historic homes in the region that reaches from the Padana plain to the Ligurian Appenines; still today, thanks to the presence of the farm, winery and agritourism, it still breathes the air of life and activity of a working opera.

The people

Antonio and Giacomo Baruffaldi have been organic farmers for a long time: careful and constant work in the vineyard directly managed by them, in order to have natural, healthy grapes that are harvested at the perfect moment of ripeness and are the fundamental and irreplaceable ingredient to produce wines that “speak” about the territory where they come from.

135 hectares of fields, woods and vineyards surrounding a thousand year old castle

The Castello di Stefanago winery began a long time ago and is the work of generations. The people, their dedication, passion, connection to and respect for the land, nature, countryside, the constant research to improve upon tradition: these are the elements that tell the story of the company. We are located in Lombardia, in the hills of the Oltrepo Pavese at an elevation from 320 to 470 meters above sea level. The castle (XI-XIV century) lies at the heart of the farm where the cellars for our company’s wine production and aging are. Around the castle are the fields of the farm, 1325 hectares of differing countryside: fields, woods, vineyards, orchards, arable land…
Comprehensive area of vineyards: 20 hectares, organic management
Grapes used to make wine: exclusively our own
White grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling Renano, Müller Thurgau
Red grape varieties: Barbera, Croatina (Bonarda), Cabernet Sauvignon , . . Merlot
Uva Rara, Pinot Nero.


Organic Certification: 1998 Certified by BIOS - Certification entity authorized by MiPAAF IT BIO 005, Certifier n. V058

The Winery – Vinification Process

In the winery we work carefully and gently to protect the quality obtained in the vineyard: the natural inclinations of every must are respected, their evolution times are followed and aging is aided by time in large wooden casks of various dimensions and species.
The discovery of historic ancestral vinification methods give the Classic Method Sparkling wines aromas, flavors and colors that are pleasantly surprising.
A visit to the winery and tasting are worth a thousand words.

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Together as a consortium since 2004 to promote organic production philosophy and lifestyle in a coordinated way.

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