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22 years..

... of harmony.

Historic culture, Family innovations

The Schwarhof farm lies on the soft southern exposed hills facing the bowl where Bolzano is. This farmhouse was occupied for the first time in 1334 and wine production here, with the Rossi di S. Giustina, reflects an ancient culture and tradition. Rainer Loacker, who has been in charge of the organic cultivation of the grapes since 1979, found bread to eat here, and suffice it to say, it was an interesting challenge. Hi pioneer practices over time brought a reinvigoration of the health of the soil, while the vines ever so slowly became more resistant to adversity by way of homeopathic remedies.

Entrepreneurial vision, international experience

A perfect family union: Rainer Loacker is a druggist who worked for twenty years in an important position in his family business of confectionary products. Then, he took over the Schwarhof farm and introduced it to organic farming. He is in charge of important tasks regarding organization on all three farms but thanks to his experience he also contributes to the work in the vineyards and winery. Hayo Loacker is the winemaker at Schwarhof. As a child he used to help out on his parents’ farm. After finishing his enology studies at the University of Burgundy he had accumulated 10 years of experience in the field of enology in France, South Africa and California. His contribution to us is innovative and he has great coordination abilities.

Franz Josef Loacker, the youngest son of the family, has experience as a chef working for seven years in the most important restaurants in Europe: St. Moritz, London, Cannes and Geneva are just some of the stops on the road in his years working in haute cuisine. In 2004 he decided to take part in the family wine business and he became Sommelier and sales manager for Loacker wines.

22 years of harmony

At the Schwarhof farm we have always made high quality wines, able to conquer any wine lover. Only when wine, in its complexity (around 200 components), has accumulated information in the course of the life of the vine, is it able to be useful to the soul, the spirit and the body. The dream and desire of Rainer Loacker is to leave, by way of his consistency and diligence, a lasting trace, thanks to the moment when wine is tasted and joy, peace and friendliness are shed. This philosophy, transferred to contingent things, has forged the Schwarhof farm over the course of 22 harvests, here the heart and soul find a special harmony and the capacity to produce good things.

  • Schwarhof 3,5 hectares 450 m.a.s.l.
  • Kohlerhof 2,0 hectares 430 m.a.s.l.
  • Kalter Keller 1,5 hectares 450 m.a.s.l.

Grape varieties: Red grapes: Schiava, schiava grigia, lagrein, pinot nero, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot. White grapes: Sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, gewuerztraminer, pinot grigio, moscato giallo,silvaner.


Sine 1979 we have used organic viticulture, not an easy job. European vineyards have been afflicted by destructive fungus for more than 100 years. In spite of this fungal revolution, the vine can live without chemical products and build new ways to protect itself organically. By using homeopathic remedies, we make the vine resistant to adversity and parasites and we help it to develop and bloom, from the budding of the first sprouts to the ripening of the clusters. Homeopathic remedies also help the vines in periods of high stress, frost, and rainy or hot periods. Special microorganisms influence the quality of the soil, the hardiness of the vine and its growth. The vine can do without chemical treatments – confirms Rainer Loacker, founder of Loacker Remedia (a company that makes homeopathic products for people) – and build modes of defense in natural ways. With homeopathic remedies the plant is resistant to climatic adversity and parasites and we make the vine resistant to adversity and parasites and we help it to develop and bloom, from the budding of the first sprouts to the ripening of the clusters. This means that in the vineyards of the Loacker farms the use of chemicals in the vineyards has been eliminated and replaced with biodynamic and homeopathic preparations. Arnica, for example, works to remedy damage caused by hail to both grape and vine; Aconitum is used against sudden infections, while Silicea contributes to reinforce the structure of the leaves and buds. The goal is to obtain the best balance possible of the vine.

In the winery we have the same philosophy: spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts.


Organic Certification: 1979. Certified by BIOS – Certification Entity authorized by MiPAAF IT BIO 005, Certifier n. V115

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