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The first Winery to produce...

... a certified Organic Barbaresco

Punset: the hill peeking out from the fog

The Punset winery is located in Neive in Piedmont on the top of a hill that faces the old city. Its name comes from Piedmont dialect and is of legendary origin: infact, it seems that the round hill where the winery is today was secretly baptized Punset by the Counts of Neive when their castle admired the hill that peered out from the autumn fog. The vineyards have belonged to the Marcarino family for a long time and in 1964 Renzo Marcarino officially began the activity of the winery sending the first bottles to market

The Producer and Owner

Marina Marcarino, a winemaker by trade and by choice, “langhetta” (dialect for: a girl from the Langhe) by DNA but with decidedly her own personality which inevitably makes its way into her wines. It was she who chose to go organic, when in the vineyards it wasn’t at all rare to see helicopters flying above dousing the vines with pesticides. She was the first in the area to pave the way to respecting both the environment and ecosystem. She then moved onto the next logical step of biodynamic farming, demonstrating that she was now more than ever, convinced to be on the right path, not only from an environmental standpoint but also because all of her efforts brought forth stronger and healthier vines able to produce wines recognized by the market and consumers.

The first certified organic winery in Barbaresco

The vineyards are cultivated according to organic farming methods. The winery converted entirely to organic methods in 1987 and the whole production is certified organic according to the CEE regulation by way of the Certification Entity Ecocert Italia. Punset was the first winery to produce a certified organic Barbaresco.

Obviously the other wines produced are certified organic as well. In order to always obtain the highest quality, only the first selection of grapes is made into wine


Organic Certification: 1982 Certified by ECOGRUPPO ITALIA – Certification entity authorized by MiPAAF IT BIO 008, Certifier n. V159

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