Our Values

A unique project for its common values and what it offers:

We have been together (as a Consortium) since 2004 to promote our production philosophy and lifestyle in a coordinated way. The group is composed of medium-small Italian wineries, each one is independent and family managed. Each farm conducts the vineyards and manages all the winemaking steps to make local and sustainable wines that reflect the personality of the winemaker; expressing a character and a soul that make them unique and amazing.

Proven Values:

The whole production and the Consortium itself are certified organic, Many of us are linked to the principles of Biodynamics..

Our Organic philosophy is substantial and it covers the whole productive process: you can find it in the vineyards, in the cellar and therefore in the wines.


Our unique wine offering:

  • A wide range that represents the most important wine regions in Italy: Piedmont, Lombardy, Alto Adige, Toscana, Puglia e Sicilia.
  • High quality standards supported by many international awards
  • High quality standards related to organic and traditional wines: our wines compete with the great wines obtained by traditional farming.

Our unique hospitality offering:

  • Custom made wine tours for every type of tourist: experts, wine lovers, curious, for each one we offer private tours by appointment that fit specific needs, from as few as two people.
  • Fun educational activities related to wellness and organic culture in general (natural cooking classes, outdoor workouts and much more).




01 Our products are the result of our ethical behavior in the vineyards as well as in the cellar. Our production is not regulated by an univocal discipline even if our wines are classified as certified organic farming products by our certification bodies.

02 Our common goal is to leave to the alive nature, always under our care and control, the responsibility to generate the wine and the fruits of the land.

03 This is how we avoid using pesticides and insecticides during the productive cycle of the vines, substances that get into the plant system, destroying their defenses and weakening the generative power of the soil; as well as in the cellar we don’t use any biotechnology or chemical addition to make the wine..

04 From a sensory point of view, our wines can sometimes seem less immediate: sometimes the color of the whites is more intense and less brilliant than conventional wines, the aromas of the best examples don’t show the fruit upfront on the nose but they emanate a sense of vigor and a higher mineral presence that takes you to the place of origin and brings the fruity notes forward; in the mouth it’s as if the wines participate in the destiny of the flavor, they spread out, enveloping the palate and exhibiting an energy that stays around long after tasting.

05 The expressive spontaneity of our wines can be confusing to those who are used to a packaged, or as otherwise known “international” taste.

06 In the glass our natural wine continuously transforms, revealing to us all of its essence and never abandoning us. Different from conventional wine, more stable and respectful of pre-ordained cannons, organic wine has a richer personality, it is not monotonous and this difference also influences the paring with food..

07 Our wine shares the personality of an intense raw material and it knows how to manage the variety in a recipe. It is more versatile, more all-around, even if at the first taste it doesn’t seem so, it gets to a point where you can choose it for a whole meal and serve very different gastronomic ideas. Naturally there are exceptions in both fields, there are genuine wines that aren’t very interesting and conventional wines made with love. To distinguish them it is enough to take your time while tasting them: the way they develop in the glass and what they leave in the mouth do not lie. .

08 In summary: in our wines the customer finds melted in amazing harmony: delightfulness and authenticity but overall it finds us and can taste our intense relationship with the vineyards, enjoying the perfumes and the tastes of our places of origin with the guarantee of the respect and the ethical approach to the environment in the production phase.

(**) i.e. since the first year of activity following the criteria established by current law; in the group there are farms that started this activity in the 80’s and others more recently: together we carry an experience that is one of the widest in the organic area. 


Together as a consortium since 2004 to promote organic production philosophy and lifestyle in a coordinated way.

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